Free Range Egg Consultancy

Eleven years ago we spent many hours researching and planning how to set up free range egg production facilities.  The myriad of regulations, the lack of suppliers, gaining an understanding of the potential marketing channels, all had to be looked at in detail.  Then came the financial projections – how much does a tonne of feed cost, or the birds, or the litter?.  What value does a dozen eggs have and how many will they lay?  What will it cost to build a shed and how much land will be required?

This took us a long time to work out, and we didn’t get it all right!  However over the years we refined the production and came up with what we believe is a very satisfactory series of answers.

Although we have now sold the farm Roger Moore continues to offer this knowledge and information to potential new comers to the business.  Having traveled from Invercargill to Whangarei looking at new and established farms he has assembled a wide amount of information to assist in all the key aspects of planning a new farm for egg production whether it be conventional free range or using organic certification.

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A short series of pictures with comments is here or another brochure here , they are both simple comments on how we run the farm – a little dated but then egg production hasn't changed much in over 2000 years, we just try to make it natural for the birds and easy for us.